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Corporate Rowing packages facilitate teamwork internally and/or across a supply chain. All of our teamwork services incorporate a practical teamwork experience (rowing) and a research based framework. The framework helps managers measure teamwork in their environment. All teams will practise and learn theory behind effective teamwork, race in their rowing teams, present learnings and celebrate. The way we structure the overall experience is determined by the specific client requirements. What are your requirements?

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1. The Foundation

Define High Performance Teamwork

Researchers suggest continual improvement, consistently exceeding stakeholder expectations and a positive learning experience is what defines high performance teamwork. The practical implications of this definition are discussed and experienced.

2. Selection

Understanding the Selection Process

Researchers suggest high performance is driven by more than just talent and experience. The qualities of integrity, empathy and strategic outlook are vital for high performance teamwork. Participants will experience and understand these qualities and how to avoid teamwork inhibitors.

3. Trust

An Environment of Trust

Trust is the foundation of high performance teamwork. The shared experience of rowing accelerates the development of trust. Participants will experience and understand how to develop an environment of trust in their workplace.

4. Conflict

Conflict is Good

An environment of trust allows constructive conflict to take place. High performance teams avoid personal, unproductive conflict. Participants learn to focus on objectives that benefit the organisation and leave ego at the door.

5. Buy-In

Compelling Purpose

Constructive conflict produces "buy-in" and accountability. Participants will feel more committed to the team than ever before. A compelling purpose will begin to develop.

6. Celebration

Celebration and Reflection

To continually deliver momentum, high performance teams reflect and celebrate. Participants will present their learnings and organise a celebration. We ensure teams leave with the ability to have a significant positive impact in their environment.

Life jackets are provided and the ability to swim is NOT a prerequisite. If the weather does not permit rowing (wind +20 knots), we will use the rowing machines and focus on the theory component for that particular session.

We offer flexible time frames, but we require a minimum of eight participants. Please inquire now for our standard pricing options or to customise a package to meet your organisational requirements.